My Story
Getting to Know Me
"Training Humansto Compete with Machines"

People describe me with words like, diplomat and kind. I credit my mom. She was a saint. I am successful because of the many lessons she taught me. I am also determined and competitive. I had to be, being the oldest of six and growing up in the Bronx. When it comes to being competitive, over the years I have become smarter and more collaborative. I have an especially keen sense of character. That is a product of growing up in the Bronx, where it was very important to always know your surroundings, and the characters lurking in them.

I write as a source of therapy. I have written 9 books and countless articles and blog posts.

I love to speak in front of an audience. People that see me speak say I'm funny. I was onced asked by a colleague to talk about how I use humor in my talks. I tried really hard to describe how I do it. I couldn't​ figure out how to explain how I used humor. It was kind of funny, but I couldn't be funny! I use humor in almost every talk or presentation, and I can't tell a joke to save my life! What I realized is I have been blessed with what some people call a "quick wit." I can take circumstances that arise in a situation and somehow make them funny. This I get from my dad. I watched him do it his entire life. Thanks dad!

I love to write songs and I consider myself an aspiring songwriter. People that have heard my songs don't always agree. I am currently working on my fourth CD and it is a source of great pleasure. I play my original songs at assisted facilities where the people can't get up and leave without assistance. This usually gives me an opportunity to play at least four songs before the batteries are pulled from the hearing aids! I am only kidding! I love sharing and playing my songs at assisted living homes. They seem to love the songs as well!

I ran for congress twice. Please don't hold that against me! 

I have been married for 26 years to my best friend. She has taught me the value of close friendship, patience, and what it's like to never see your paycheck. My wife Justine has been a nurse for most of that time. I have two children,Taylor and Emily. They are really smart and driven. Taylor is in medical school, and Emily is going into her senior year to become a construction manager.

I have spoken to thousands of people over the years and have had the opportunity to share the stage with many famous people. What I learned was we are all on the brink of being "famous" if we just keep following our passion.

This is the final journey in my career before retirement. I am going to work for myself. I am going to do my best to speak to as many audiences as will have me, train as many people that will let me, and help as many people become successful as will embrace me.

To give you a more "professional" background, I have included my resume below. Let me warn you, it is a boring corporate document. The real me is ready to work for you and share the story behind the document!

If you've gotten this far thanks! Check out my facebook page for more of me... 
Rich Hand Resume