Discussion Topics
Corporate, Small Business, Chamber of Commerce Audiences...

Value Based Leadership

  • What are the values that the most effective leaders share?

  • This discussion will revolve around how the best leaders incorporate these values in their everyday interactions with employees & colleagues...
College, High School, & Youth Groups...

What is the "Real World", and How to Conquer It!

  • Are you feeling like you don't know where you fit in?

  • You are not alone, today there is so much information to help make good decisions about the next step in your career. This discussion will open your eyes to the many opportunities and challenges facing the next step you need to make to be successful... 

Political Groups, Book Clubs, & K of C...

The State of Political Discourse

  • Does it seem like the country is polorized into two completely disparate groups of political thought?

  • Would you believe that this is the state of politics our founders hoped for? This discussion will take on the topics of the day and why it seems we think the political future of the country is so bleak. No rotten fruit is allowed into these venues...
Religious Organizations and Groups...

High Ener “G”!

  • Gratitude - Being Thankful
  • Grace - Bestowed with Blessings
  • Giving - Sharing Freely without Expectation
  • God - Moral Foundations

Feel better about life and the future by living in a state of “High Ener “G”! Bring a whole new perspective to life and watch the positive direction it leads you to. Can I get a Hallelujah!!
The Future of Sales and Customer Service: Humans Vs. Machines

  • Every organization promises their customers an excellent customer experience. Customer’s experience something much different with most organizations.

  • The answer to providing a great customer experience is Artificial Intelligence according to many “experts.” But if you really want your customers to receive a great customer experience AI may not be the right answer.

A provocative discussion about the pros and cons of AI, Humans, and Customers.
Artificial Intelligence: The Moral Dilemma

  • Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Is the cost of AI to societal structure worth the progress? Will the need for human resources go the way of the buggy whip?

  • What is the role that corporations, government, and individuals have in defining this new frontier?

A highly interactive discussion of the ramifications of the technology revolution.
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